Dream Greens spring mix consists of baby lettuces mix with peppery arugula for bright and balanced flavor, sweet and surprisingly zesty!
Dream Greens baby arugula bursts with peppery flavor second to none.
Dream Greens baby kale is a nutritional powerhouse, super tender and surprisingly sweet.
Dream Greens baby watercress is bright and crisp with a slight sweetness and a healthy dose of spice.
Dream Greens bold blend of peppery arugula, crisp watercress and zesty mustard greens, sure to spice up any meal.
Dream Greens powerhouse baby kale blends with baby arugula and pac choi for ultimate nutrition and top-notch taste.
Small greens pack big flavors! Dream Greens offer the most delicious and versatile varieties.

small greens, big flavor!

We discover the most delicious and unique varieties of the greens we grow, and then help them thrive using light, nutrients, and a lot of love!


Rainbow Harvest Salad with Quinoa and Feta Cheese

Dream Greens Mango, Turmeric & Greens Smoothie bursts with flavor and nutrients.


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